A5 Paper Size in Cm, Mm, Inch and Pixel

A5 paper size has many units such as cm, mm, inch and pixels that can be used for various purposes as needed. 

A5 Paper Size in Cm, Mm, Inch and Pixel

Do you often see brochures, leaflets or catalogs? Did you know, if the three items are made of A5 size paper. This paper size is half that of A4, so it's no wonder there are so many on the market.

Its usefulness, not only for the three items mentioned, but also used by the publishing industry to print the books they will publish, even with block notes that you often find in bookstores.

Like other A series, A5 paper size also has standardization based on ISO 216. Here is a brief explanation of the size in various units:

What is A5 Paper Size in Various Units ?

1. Paper Size A5 in mm (Millimeter)

The millimeter is the unit of measure that comes in last. So, the length of the A5 paper is 210 mm and the width is 148 mm. It looks big, but if you change it to another unit, it's actually the same size.

2. Paper Size A5 in cm ( Centimeter )

The centimeter is the most commonly used unit and is easy to identify or calculate. The conversion is from millimeters, the length of A5 is divided by 10. So, the length of A5 is 21.0 cm and the width is 14.8 cm.

3. A5 Paper Size in Inches

The inch is the most widely used unit on an international scale. So don't be surprised if this size will become the default setting for word processing applications such as Microsoft Word, Libre Office, Open Office, and so on. When converted, the A5 paper size in inches is 8.27 inches x 5.83 inches.

4. Paper Size A5 in pixel

Pixel is the most widely used unit in graphic design, especially in the printing industry. In pixels, it is known as PPI or Paper per Inch which indicates the density level displayed on the screen. The image doesn't look cracked either.

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Items that use A5 . paper size

A5 is half the size of the A4, so it is easy to use for printing anything and easy to find in the market because the price is quite cheap. Not only people who work in offices, industry, and education use it, but also the general public when they want to make blocknotes or small A5-sized books.

To be clear, here are the items that use A5 paper:

1. Leaflet

Leaflets are small leaflets and are used as publications or promotions to sell products in the form of goods or services to consumers. Generally consists of words that are quite dense but about as well as designs that attract readers to see them. In the printing process, leaflets generally use A5 size paper.

2. Brochure

Almost similar to leaflets that provide publications in the form of information or promotion of an item to the public. The difference is, brochures can consist of several pages that contain more detailed product details so that readers understand better and are more interested. The paper size commonly used is A5.

3. Catalog

A catalog is a collection of products that will be offered to consumers that are neatly tied and made into one book. Generally one page only consists of a maximum of two products so that customers can focus on those products. The ideal size for printing is using A5 paper with several choices of paper types such as Ivory or art paper.

4. Blocknote

Often see it on the market, but maybe you don't realize that even blocknotes generally use A5 size. Although we can't deny that there are other sizes in circulation, such as the A6 and A4.

In its manufacture, blocknotes usually use HVS type paper with two choices, namely striped and plain. Both have their own uses and purposes. If lined up to help keep notes tidy, plain ones are more likely to be used for drawing.

5. Calendar

At the beginning of each year there will be many calendar prints on the market. From sitting calendars to wall calendars of various sizes. However, for sitting calendars, usually use A5 size paper to fit when placed on the work desk.

6. Novels

Basically, novels come in different sizes. But the most is the A5 because it fits more in the hand and is comfortable to read. Generally the type of paper used is HVS 700 or 800 grams or bookpaper.

That's a quick review of the A5 paper size in millimeters, centimeters, inches and pixel.