Easy steps how to delete apps from mac

For those who are used to using MacBooks, how to delete applications on MacBook will feel like deleting applications on iPhone/iPad. However, for users who are already familiar with Windows, many find it difficult to delete apps on their MacBooks.

Easy steps how to delete apps from mac

Because in Windows when we want to delete an application, we have to open the uninstaller and follow the uninstall steps of the application we want to delete.

Steps How to delete apps from mac

  • Open Finder
  • Select Applications usually on the left tab of the Finder, or when the Finder is open select the Go – Application menu
  • select application folder via finder
  • Highlight and right click the app you want to remove
  • Select Move to Trash

That's the only way to delete apps on Mac. Very simple isn't it? Deleting apps on Mac is like deleting documents or music files as usual. We just right-click and select move to trash, after that empty the trash/recycle bin and the application is completely gone from the Mac like deleting an application on an iPhone/iPad.

How to delete iOS apps on Mac

As a personal mac user, I feel dissatisfied when deleting apps on my MacBook, what about the files on the system? Are the junk/junk files left behind when the app is installed still there? Not to mention the cache of the rest of the apps installed on the Mac system. 

If you search on the Mac system, indeed the application data used is still left on the system, junk/junk files, caches are still there. Some apps still store support data on Mac systems in just hundreds of KB, but when checked in browser apps like Google Chrome and FireFox, the support data/cache will range from 1-3GB depending on how long we use the browser.

How to delete apps on mac that won't delete

There is software that can help when I want to uninstall applications on Mac, I also use this application regularly when I want to clean Mac memory so that there are not many cache files, junk/junk.

  • Open the CleanMyMac X app
  • Select the Uninstaller tab in the left menu
  • Select the apps you want to remove, tick all cache files, junk/junk, leftover apps in the system on Mac
  • Click Uninstall

Using this application we can see all application files stored in the Mac system folder, and CleanMyMac X automatically deletes them when we click uninstall. For comparison, if we check the Google Chrome application in the Finder, the size of the application is only 466.7 MB. 

However, if you check using CleanMyMac X there is a 1.99GB file in the Mac system folder, this folder is hereinafter called the cache/junk/junk folder which will increase the Mac's SSD usage capacity.

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Google chrome app data on mac

When the SSD we have on the Mac is very small, for example the MacBook Pro Retina 2015 SSD 128GB of course we have to manage which files are important and not important. And CleanMyMac has an additional feature that is System Junk. This feature works to scan the entire iOS system and delete unused files, such as Mac System Cache Files if they accumulate too long to 5-6GB.

Another file that can be deleted is the language file, if your Mac uses the default language English, French, Spanish, German, and any other language still on the system. We will be given the choice whether to delete by checking the Language Files option if it is necessary to delete it. After clicking clean, the Hard Disk / SSD storage capacity on the Mac will certainly be more spacious without having to upgrade the Mac SSD.